Frequently Asked Questions


How do I deposit money?

To add funds to your account, you can make one-time funds deposits and pay via credit card.

I need X GPUs, which are not available!

Contact support, and we can ask our hosts to add additional stock of your preferred GPU model.

What is a hostnode?

A hostnode represents the physical server that you can provision your workload on.

What does a "Top Host" mean, and what does a "Location Tier" mean?

A top host is a supplier that demonstrates exceeding excellence when working with us. They rarely have downtimes, do not pull machines offline, and communicate frequently with us.

A location tier is a measure of the quality of a location, e.g. whether there is power redundancy. The higher the tier, the better. A tier 0 location can be a home basement without any power redundancy. Location tiers are assigned by TensorDock.

A top host may have a location tier of 0 if they resolve issues quickly, and a non-top host with a high location tier may represent a provider that has yet to proven its response times but is physically located in a high-end location. Ideally, you want both in a host node that you provision.

What does the green dot mean next to a host node on the order page?

A green dot symbolizes that the host node has been reported to be online. Host nodes that are offline are automatically delisted from the marketplace.

Is there any redundancy?

No. Storage is local and not replicated. Make sure you checkpoint frequently and upload your work to offsite storage so that you do not lose your data in the unlikely event of hardware corruption. For 3x-replicated storage, please look at our Core Cloud offering.


How do I become a host?

First, apply. We want high-quality hosts, so we'll engage in an email conversation to discuss your configuration. Not only does your configuration itself matter, but your interactions, response times, and professionalism matter too; when machines inevitably go down, we need resilient, communicative hosts to deal with the situation.

What are the required installation steps?

For detailed instructions on the installation process, refer to our installation guide. We also offer various support options for any further questions.

US-based hosts: Why does Stripe want my social security number?

Stripe verifies your identity to ensure that it is legal for us to pay you. If you are a host that makes more than $600/year, this information will also be used on 1099 tax forms, which we will send to the IRS at the start of each year to report your earnings.

When are payments sent?

Payouts are sent at the end of each month and go straight into your bank account. They take 7-10 days to settle, depending on your location.